Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jack & Jill by James Patterson

I try to be good about mixing up actual meaty literature (like 1984) with good old fashioned storytelling. The kind where you can devour the book in a couple of days because you can’t wait to see what happens. James Patterson has always been reliable for a great mystery and a fun, easy read. Jack and Jill was no exception.

Jack and Jill is part of the series of Alex Cross detective novels. Cross is a homicide detective living in not-the-best neighborhood in Washington, DC. He is a good, moral guy with a great family and close friends… the kind of guy you’d like to know and that you hope every police officer is like.

In this book, there are two series of killings that Alex Cross must solve. Jack & Jill are two killers who are randomly killing famous people around DC, and another killer is brutally murdering young children in Cross’s neighborhood. From the very start, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to solve the crime with Detective Cross.

By the end of Jack and Jill, I was again left pondering our government, but I won’t say much more than that because you should read this book yourself. Let’s just say that now that I think about it, maybe Big Brother is controlling things a little more than I’d like to believe….

Definitely a great vacation book!

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